We Asked the Authors: Which Historical Figure Would You Be?

Which historical figure would you be? I bet you’ve pondered that yourself. Would you be Alexander the Great marching across the Turkish plains, or Napoleon ascending to power through the sheer strength of his leadership and acumen? Would you be quiet and contemplative like Wilfred Owen, or the loud and […]

China’s War on Terror

Benjamin Lai is an expert on modern Chinese military and the author of  The Dragon’s Teeth. Here, he talks about China’s methods of dealing with Islamic terrorism. In the Western media the topic of terrorism is always linked to the Middle East, rarely is the word “Terror” associated with China. A […]

The de Havilland Mosquito Quiz

To celebrate the release of Three in Thirteen by Roger Dunsford and Geoff Coughlin, we want to find out how much you know about the de Havilland Mosquito, the plane often referred to as the most versatile warplane ever built.  

China’s Secretive Private Military Contractors

Today, private or state-owned corporations and agencies from China are active in every corner of the globe, from Afghanistan in the east to Zimbabwe in Africa stretching to Colombia and Brazil in South America. The security of Chinese citizens abroad is increasingly a national security issue for China. This was […]

5 Women Who Shaped History

Today is International Women’s Day and here at Casemate we’re celebrating by reminding ourselves of some of the most fascinating women in history who you might not have heard of. There are snipers, spies, distillers, sports pioneers and even somebody committed of treason! Lyudmila Pavlichenko “The Deadly Woman Sniper” Lyudmila Pavlichenko […]