Europe In Flames


Harold J. Goldberg

229 x 152 mm, 320, 40 b/w photos, 9780811708739, £13.99, Paperback, Stackpole Books
4 May 2011

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Highlights the key decisions and events of World War II in Europe from Allied and Axis perspectives

Beginning with the 1939 invasion of Poland and ending with Germany’s surrender in 1945, this book reviews all aspects of the war which resulted in the greatest devastation that Europe had ever seen.

With a concluding look at the Nuremberg Trials, Goldberg examines the trust cost to Europe, covering old controversies and new, unexplored events, objectively detailing exactly what happened to whom, when and where. For anyone wishing to know more about this conflict in one volume, from both sides, through a close examination of the key events, Europe in Flames is the ideal starting point.

About the Author
Harold J. Goldberg is professor of history at the University of the South. He has also written D-Day in the Pacific: The Battle of Saipan. He lives in Sewanee, Tennessee.

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