The Ultimate Chief Petty Officer Guidebook

Tips, Tactics, and Techniques for Sailors Who are Serious about Becoming a Chief Petty Officer

James C. Glass MACS & USN (Ret.)

152 x 229 mm, 192, 11 photos, 33 tables and graphs, 9781611211245, £12.99, Paperback, Savas Beatie
30 December 2012

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• The perfect step-by-step guide to becoming a Chief Petty Officer

Anyone who has undergone the transition from Sailor to Chief Petty Officer will tell you it is a lot tougher and more challenging than most Sailors imagine. So you want to become a Chief Petty Officer in the United States Navy? That is a good and noble goal, but wishful thinking won’t cut it. It takes drive, initiative, and hard work. James Glass’ in-depth and informative The Ultimate Chief Petty Officer Guidebook: Tips, Tactics, and Techniques for Sailors Who are Serious about Becoming a Chief Petty Officer is the perfect step-by-step guide to reach your goal.

Some Sailors mistakenly believe that reaching this rank is all about who you know. The simple truth is that there are no tricks, gimmicks, or friendships that will elevate you to this prestigious level. Chief Petty Officers come from all walks of life, but it’s much more than just about rank. It’s about a sense of purpose, drive, and the satisfaction you get knowing you are setting the example for other enlisted Sailors to follow—not only for Sailors under your charge, but within the Navy as a whole.

Former Command Master Chief Glass’ informative The Ultimate Chief Petty Officer Guidebook is a comprehensive, practical, and easy-to-follow how-to guide written specifically for every Sailor who even thinks about one day becoming a Chief Petty Officer. Glass offers step-by-step instructions and practical solutions, including helpful charts and graphics, to prepare you to reach your goal and excel before the Chief Petty Officer Selection Board.

The Ultimate Chief Petty Officer Guidebook is a must-read for anyone choosing this career path. It won’t guarantee you will become a Chief Petty Officer, but it will provide you with the tools and the mindset needed for success. Simply put, this book is essential reading.

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