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Non-Official Cover: British Secret Operations

By Nicholas Anderson

152 x 228 mm, 464 pages, 9781929631858, £14.99, Paperback, Enigma Books
20 May 2009

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  • Author is only known NOC in the UK to be recruited from the armed forces who graduated through the spy system to the most secret of secret intelligence officers

    “We were institutional killers in disruptive actions on the black, that is to say we made illegal entries across borders to perform dirty work then returned home mostly without the knowledge or connection to the local British embassy’s staff assigned to other covert affairs. The main job description was called deep cover within SIS—NOC or non-official cover. I served in various SIS divisions in charge of different continents, often living like a mole.”

    Nicholas Anderson is the pseudonym of a British veteran of 19 years in MI6. He has written a fictionalized account of part of his operations, whilst providing an unparalled glimpse into an underground world of warfare.

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