9781936274475 cover

In Stalin's Secret Service

Memoirs of the First Soviet Master Spy to Defect

By Walter G. Krivitsky

152 x 228 mm, 330 pages, 16 pages b/w photos, 9781936274475, £11.99, Paperback, Enigma Books
15 August 2012

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  • The first Soviet master spy to defect on the eve of World War II was dead a year later. What is the truth behind the defection and death of Walter Krivitsky?

    First published in 1939, this memoir sealed the fate of its author. After a dramatic flight from Europe, Walter G. Krivitsky reached the United States, but he was found shot dead in The Bellevue hotel in Washington, D.C. in 1940, with three suicide notes by his bed. But did he destroy himself, or was it a Soviet intelligence execution?

    His death remains a mystery to this day but his story is very much alive.

    About the Author
    Before his defection Walter Krivitsky was the chief of all Soviet military intelligence of Western Europe, thus making him the most knowledgeable person when it came to Soviet espionage.

    Also By This Author

    In Stalin's Secret Service Memoirs of the First Soviet Master Spy to Defect

    ‘This is a fascinating work of anguished confession, written by a repentant participant in many of the crimes he recounts, a party to the most hidden secrets of Stalin's heyday…’ – Times Literary Supplement Krivitsky’s first-hand account as the top Soviet espionage officer in western Europe and his ultimate defection is a fundamental document ...


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