'Oft in Danger'

The Life and Campaigns of General Sir Anthony Farrar-Hockley

Jonathon Riley

Publication date:
September 2015
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
c 129 b/w photos, 30 maps
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ISBN : 9781910777251

Dimensions : 234 X 156 mm
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This is the biography of the most distinguished field commander of modern times, who turned to scholarship and writing at an early stage of his career and pursued both professional military life and historical study in parallel. In later life he also took to broadcasting and commentating. Half his military life was spent abroad on operations and his career spanned the period from the Second World War, in which he served as a platoon and company commander, winning the MC in Greece and being mentioned in despatches, and then the campaign in Palestine. He fought in the Korean War, during which he was at the Imjin River – where he won his first DSO – and then spent three years as a prisoner of the Chinese Emergency during which he made six escape attempts, was beaten, starved and tortured. He then served in Cyprus, at Suez and in the intervention in Jordan. He commanded 3 Para in the Radfan, where he won his second DSO. He then served in Borneo and was later the first Commander Land Forces in Northern Ireland. He ended his military career as Commander-in-Chief of NATO’s Northern Region.

Understanding Farrar-Hockley the soldier is impossible without also understanding Farrar-Hockley the scholar; the reverse is also true. He was never a stranger to controversy – Margaret Thatcher valued his candid advice because, as she said to him, ‘you tell me things I didn’t know’; and he never walked away from a fight in his life. He was a man of redoubtable character and huge achievements, an inspirational leader and commander in peace and war, at every level.


‘My father had a small collection of books from the Companion Book Club - this was in the 1950s, the club would send you a monthly selection, which included works by Beverley Nichols and Hammond Innes, in distinctive book club jackets. There was a book by Sir Anthony Farra-Hockley in the series, which I remember reading, but don't really remember the content that much, other than the impression that this was a very special man, a wartime hero, something that is borne out by this superb book by Jonathan Riley.'
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