16th Century Colour Palettes

Publication date:
January 2018
Publisher :
Artists Bookworks
Editor :
Patricia Railing
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ISBN : 9780946311132

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• The 16th century palette was made up of 53 pigments, and was described in treatises by Leonardo da Vinci, Gian Paolo Lomazzo, and Raffaello Borghini
• Plates are from paintings by Titian whose pigments have been identified

Three texts by two Italian Renaissance painters - Leonardo da Vinci and Gian Paolo Lomazzo - and a compendium of the 53 standard pigments commonly found on artists' palettes for painting in oil on panel and on canvas as outlined by the writer, Raffaello Borghini, make up this 16th century collection of pigments. Leonardo's studio advice on the use of colours for capturing light and dark picks up this theme from Italian 15th century and classical painting and lays the foundation for this practice as it would develop in European painting. The plates are of works by Titian found in the National Gallery in London, whose pigments have been identified and matched to the paintings.