17th Century Colour Palettes

Publication date:
January 2018
Publisher :
Artists Bookworks
Editor :
Patricia Railing
Illustration :
16 colour plates, 14 mono illus.
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ISBN : 9780946311101

Dimensions : 216 X 168 mm
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• The 17th century palette was set from light to dark and in the same order by artists across Europe
• They are described by painters in 10 treatises from England, Sweden, Flanders, France, Spain and Italy

Ten 17th century writers described the pigments in use in their countries - England, Sweden, Flanders, France, Spain, and Italy. The theme of their treatises was studio practice and the pigments were discussed as they were set on the palette. Surprisingly, the method was the same - from light to dark, white to black. The 17th century palette was an international palette comprising just over 100 pigments.