1st Airborne

Market Garden 1944

Simon Forty, Leo Marriott

Photographs old and new reconstruct the fierce fighting during Operation Market Garden involving the 1st Airborne Division, providing a vivid comparison between then and now.
Publication date:
October 2017
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Series :
Past & Present
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ISBN : 9781612005409

Dimensions : 248 X 184 mm
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• Perfect battlefield guides offering an accessible overview of important battles, divisions and places
• Highly illustrated with specially commissioned present day aerial views alongside photos contemporary with the events described
• Concise explanatory text offering an ideal introduction

While the 6th Airborne Division had landed in France on D-Day and covered itself in glory, its counterpart, the 1st Airborne Division, had last seen action during an amphibious assault at Taranto on September 9, 1943, as part of the invasion of Italy. Returned to the UK in December 1943, it was held in reserve during the battle of Normandy and spent three months waiting for action, as plan after plan was proposed and then discarded, such was the speed of the Allied pursuit of the Germans.

In September 1944, however, 1st Airborne played a leading role in Operation Market—the air component of Operation Market Garden, an audacious attempt by the Allies to bypass the Siegfried Line and advance into the Ruhr. It was to be 1st Airborne's last action of the war. Encountering more resistance than expected, including II SS Panzer Corps, the division landed too far from Arnhem bridge, and fought bravely but in vain. Held up en route, particularly at Nijmegen, XXX Corps' advance to Arnhem stuttered and ran late.

After nine days of fighting, 1st Airborne had lost 8,000 men around Arnhem when the survivors retreated across the Lower Rhine to safety. During those nine days, however, they had created a legend: first as the small unit under Lt-Col John Frost held the "bridge too far” and then as the Oosterbeek perimeter came under sustained attack waiting for XXX Corps to arrive.

The Past & Present Series reconstructs historical battles by using photography, juxtaposing modern views with those of the past together with concise explanatory text. It shows how much infrastructure has remained and how much such as outfits, uniforms, and ephemera has changed, providing a coherent link between now and then.


An interesting introductory read, perhaps most suited to those less familiar with this infamous 'bridge too far' division.
Classic Military Vehicle Magazine

The latest array of titles in Casemate's Past and Present series offers a superb mix of maps and photographs, supplemented by brief but informative text…Outstanding value in terms of both quality and price." *Winner of the 'Miniature Wargames Recommends' award for January 2018*
Miniature Wargames - Chris Jarvis

The titles in the 'Past & Present' series are very much worthwhile having on the bookshelf, as a reference work, or to be enjoyed as a general read.
Gun Mart

This series of books have been planned and executed by Casemate with panache...They would make ideal Christmas presents for younger history buffs because each volume offers just about enough in a single sitting. I cannot fault them.
War History Online

A definite must buy if you're going on a battlefield tour of the area.
Army Rumour Service

Another good addition to the series, useful and handy enough to carry with you if you plan to visit the area and good value at an RRP of £9.99.
Military Model Scene