2. Panzerdivision en Normandie Tome 2

Août 1944

Frédéric Deprun

Looks at the engagement of this Panzer Division in the hedgerows of Normandy.
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April 2021
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ISBN : 9782840484370

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Deprun's richly illustrated two-volume study of the German armored unit, the 2. Panzer-Division (Wiener) will finally be complete in 2016. The author, Frederic Deprun, devoted more than ten years to meticulously studying the 'engagement of this armored force in the Norman hedgerow'. The first part retraces the reformation of the unit while waiting for the landing to Arras, and goes on to tell of the murderous fights before Caumont-l'Evente, Cahagnes, Cheux then Maysur-Orne in June and July 1944. In the second work the author accounts for the impotence of the Panzer unit in containing the Allied offensive from the south of Saint-Lo at the end of July 1944, as well as that of Mortain and the encirclement of the men of the Unity at the Trident in the Kessel of Chambois / Argentan. The two volumes of 350 pages illustrated with 800 unpublished photographs and more than 60 maps, leads the reader through multiple testimonies of the tragic paths of the soldiers in the 2. Panzerdivision of the Calvados until the crossing of the Seine. Text in French.


This is a magnificent publication, rich in prose and photography.