400 Years in 365 Days

A Day by Day Calendar of Nova Scotia History

Leo Deveau

Day by day events that have shaped Nova Scotia
Publication date:
February 2018
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Illustration :
300+ colour images
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ISBN : 9781459504806

Dimensions : 254 X 203 mm
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400 Years in 365 Days gives readers a fun, trivia-filled record which reflects the communities and peoples of Nova Scotia spanning the past 400+ years. Leo Deveau has assembled over a thousand entries that reflect events in the lives and histories of virtually every settlement and group in the province, covering a range of interests from military history to arts and sports. Illustrating the entries are 300+ visuals including full colour paintings, drawings, photos, and archival objects. This informative, entertaining and illuminating volume is a great reference book and a great gift for anyone interested in Nova Scotia’s colourful past and lively present.