6th Airborne

Normandy 1944

Leo Marriott, Simon Forty

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October 2016
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Casemate Publishers
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Past & Present
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140 illus.
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ISBN : 9781612004211

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• Past & Present pairs wartime and modern photography to explore the operations of a combat unit, a campaign or battle
• Accessible introduction, perfect for battlefield visitors

Operation Tonga began at 22:56 on the night of 5 June, when six Halifax heavy bombers took off from Tarrant Rushton towing six Horsas carrying a coup
face=Calibri>-de-main force consisting of D Coy, Ox and Bucks LI reinforced with two extra platoons from B Coy and a party of sappers, who were tasked with capturing the bridges over the Caen Canal and the River Orne. 6th Airborne Division—which included 1st Canadian Para Bn
face=Calibri>-had been allotted three specific tasks to achieve, apart from protecting the eastern flank of the Allied seaborne landings. First, it was to capture intact the two bridges over the Caen Canal and the Orne River at Benouville and Ranville. Second, the division was to destroy the heavily fortified Merville coastal artillery battery located at Franceville Plage, to ensure that it could not shell the British forces landing on Sword Beach. A third task was to destroy several bridges spanning the River Dives
face=Calibri>-at Varaville, Robehomme, Bures, and Troarn. The division would then hold the territory that it had seized until it could be relieved by advancing Allied ground forces.


The "then and now" photograph on the front cover is fascinating, as is the story of the 6th Airborne Squadron and its allotted tasks…
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They are lavishly illustrated…good value for money and are recommended.
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These books are great for all ages but the younger me would have loved them and each volume is an ideal present for the history mad youth in your family.
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Past & Present is in an easier format for the battlefield visitor, as these are relatively compact paperback titles.

Recollections of World War II

For a visitor to Normandy, this will be a very handy little reference if you want to travel around the area, and understand a bit more about some of the places that today are quiet and peaceful and which you might otherwise drive past without appreciating what happened there back in June 1944.
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