Air Combat During Arab-Israeli Wars

Jakub Marszałkiewicz

Publication date:
June 2017
Publisher :
Series :
Library of Armed Conflicts
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ISBN : 9788365437495

Dimensions : 240 X 170 mm
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The book shows the major role of aviation in the armed conflicts of the 20th century using the example of the Israeli-Arab Wars. It presents the primacy of the effectiveness of modern Israeli aviation, which is generally equipped with state of the art equipment and well-trained personnel, on Arab aviation which was based primarily on numbers rather than quality. In these activities, Israel has shown the perfect example of "Blitzkrieg” strategy which within a few hours enabled it to annihilate the more numerous Arab forces with its modern and well-trained aviation. It also describes the history of the rise of Israeli aviation, including its many Polish-related topics.


Throws up some great period images and excellent colour profiles…packed with great information for modellers at a very reasonable price.
Air Modeller

Lots in here to inspire the aircraft modeller.
Military Model Scene

If you're interested in these conflicts, this is an interesting book on an interesting subject that should give you some hours of entertainment, and remain on hand as a reference for the modeller or historian. Recommended.