A Fascinating Study of Those Who Have Survived Long, Solitary Ordeals

Richard Logan

Publication date:
May 2018
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811725002

Dimensions : 229 X 153 mm
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Charles Lindbergh endured 33 hours of flying without sleep to become the first aviator to cross the Atlantic alone… Eleven-year-old Terry Jo Duperrault survived four days at sea, drifting on a tiny life raft, after her family was murdered by the skipper of their chartered boat… Admiral Richard Byrd struggled through nearly five months of winter darkness, alone in a hut hurried in the ice of Antarctica… Mountaineer Joe Simpson suffered a devastating fall high in the Andes, then spent three days crawling back to camp with a broken leg…
Where did these people find the strength and courage to conquer seemingly insurmountable physical and psychological challenges? Does everyone have what it takes to face such ordeals? What insights into the mysteries of the human mind can such survival experiences provide? In searching for the answers to such questions, Richard Logan Does more than relay the fascinating stories of these (and other) truly courageous people. In their gripping first-hand accounts, he finds a powerfu