Another Bloody Chapter in an Endless Civil War Volume 1

Northen Ireland and the Troubles 1984-87

Ken Wharton

Publication date:
October 2016
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
over 50 b/w photos
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ISBN : 9781911096276

Dimensions : 234 X 156 mm
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The period under review covers the years of 1984-87 - nearing the end of the third decade of the Troubles. It will use research and oral contributions from the mid to late 1980s and will show not only how the Provisional IRA (PIRA) grew in financial and logistical strength, but also how the Security Forces (SF) worked hard to contain them. It was also a period where the Republican terror group fully embraced Danny Morrison's mantra: ‘The Armalite and the ballot box' as they moved toward a realisation that the British military could not be beaten, but that they (PIRA) could at least sit down with them from a position of strength. Thereafter, their intention was not only political agitation, but also to keep up the terror campaign and force the British Government to talk; further to ensure that they - the British - accepted that there could only be an impasse (albeit one of continued violence). However, whilst they fought, talked and then fought again, a further 356 people died. This book will cover every major incident of the period - commencing with the ambush of an off-duty UDR soldier, Robert Elliott, through to the shameless bombing of Enniskillen. Significantly, both incidents were at the hands of the Provisional IRA. It will also look at the continued negative interference of the United States and the vast contribution of the Brit-hating Irish-Americans through NORAID, which ensured the killing and the violence would continue.




Overall this book is an excellent and informative read...Recommended to everyone who wants to know more about a nasty, dirty little war that took too many soldiers' lives over nearly thirty years.
Army Rumour Service

It puts the conflict into a fresh perspective for me.
Books Monthly

Helion are to be congratulated for tackling yet another difficult and controversial subject..enlightening.
Britain at War Magazine