Articles of War

Winners, Losers, and Some Who Were Both During the Civil War

Albert Castel

Publication date:
November 2017
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811736701

Dimensions : 232 X 150 mm
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The American Civil War is filled with fascinating characters. This collection of biographical essays on the "winners and losers” of the Civil War covers some of the most intriguing: Ulysses S. Grant, George B. McClellan, Sam Houston, Albert Sidney Johnston, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and William Clarke Quantrill, to name just a few.
In Articles of War you'll discover:
Some Winners
Ulysses S. Grant, whose brilliant Vicksburg Campaign was a model of military strategy
John A. "Black Jack” Logan, one of the war's few successful political generals
Nathan Bedford Forrest, a natural military genius despite his "Lost Cause”
Some Losers
George B. McClellan, whose lack of eagerness cost the Union two opportunities to win the war
Earl Van Dorn, a victim of sheer bad luck
Theophilus H. Holmes, the little-known incompetent, called "granny Holmes” by his own men
Some Winners Who Became Losers
Albert Sidney Johnston, the Confederacy's "General Who Might Have Been”
Leonidas Polk, whose initial good luck even