Au Coeur de la Guerre Froide

La mission militaire de Potsdam 1947-1989

Patrick Manificat

Publication date:
December 2016
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
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ISBN : 9782352504030

Dimensions : 310 X 230 mm
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Unsung protagonists of the secret intelligence war that saw the two blocks in central Europe opposed, the three "Potsdam military missions" were carried out by a handful of Americans, British and French who had travelled Eastern Germany throughout the duration of the cold war. In constant contact with the opponent and persistently at risk of land and air attacks, these strange "reporters" became the most reliable source for assessing the threat of the Soviet army and Eastern German armed forces, and above all to detect any attempt on their part to attack the West by surprise. This book is a unique testimony of the high-risk life of these "men of the shadows”. The reader will discover the harsh reality of the Cold War, described by those who have made it, in the context of this particularly hostile environment, amidst a population tightly controlled by the regime and prone to expose spies.