Author Submissions

Casemate Publishers commission original, commercial publications by outstanding writers, on both general and more specialist military history. We are dedicated to publishing important and far-reaching military history, with a growing reputation for high-quality, informative and engaging books. Casemate is one of the leading publishers in the field, covering ancient civilisations right through to modern warfare, defense studies, and military science. 

We receive many unsolicited book-length submissions. While we always welcome new submissions, we ask that you do not send us a complete manuscript. Instead, in the first instance, please submit a single page synopsis of your project, a complete list of chapter headings, a sample chapter and a word count. Of equal, if not more importance, is your assessment of the potential market for your project. This last requirement is mandatory. Please also supply a brief description of your qualifications and the titles and ISBN numbers of any books you have already had published.

If we like what we see, we will ask for the rest of the manuscript or the balance of other materials available to you at the time. If not, we will let you know quickly. Once we receive your complete manuscript or materials, we may send it out for review. This process can take several weeks, or months.

Please note that we do not publish new fiction.

To submit your proposal, please send a digital copy via email in the first instance to If you are unable to send digital files, please get in touch via email to discuss alternative arrangements.

For all permissions enquiries please contact us at