B-25J "Mitchell" in Combat over Pacific & CBI

B-25J "Mitchell" in Combat over Pacific & CBI

Marek Katarzyński

Publication date:
June 2017
Publisher :
Series :
SMI Library
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ISBN : 9788365437518

Dimensions : 275 X 205 cm
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The whole package is a modeller's dream…a small book that punches above its weight.
Flightpath Magazine

If you're interested in Mitchells, the Pacific and CBI theatres, or just love a good read, this is an interesting book on an interesting subject that should give you some hours of entertainment, and remain on hand as a reference for the modeller or historian. Highly recommended.

An excellent book for modellers in particular and Kagero have produced another interesting title in their SMI Library series.
Military Model Scene

There's a feast for modellers here.
Aeroplane Magazine