Bailout Over Normandy

A Flyboy’s Adventures with the French Resistance and Other Escapades in Occupied France

Ted Fahrenwald

The remarkable, swashbuckling memoir of a U.S. fighter pilot who bailed out of his burning P-51 Mustang two days after D-Day, joined up with local maquis resistance fighters, before trying to cross Normandy to reach the Allied armies. He was caught by the Wehrmacht but survived interrogation and later escaped.
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March 2017
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Casemate Publishers
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ISBN : 9781612004747

Dimensions : 228 X 152 mm
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The remarkable memoir of a U.S. fighter pilot, who after his escapades of shooting down German aircraft in France began an even greater adventure after being shot down himself. Ted Fahrenwald was a 22-year-old daredevil pilot in the famed 352nd Fighter Group when he bailed out of his burning P-51 Mustang two days after D-Day on his 100th mission. Parachuting into the farmlands of Normandy, he was immediately picked up by the local maquis, the guerrilla branch of the French Resistance. His rudimentary French, wily and gregarious personality, and backwoods skills allowed him to quickly make fast friends of these unruly outlaws, and he spent the next several months carousing and raiding with their band. But, determined to rejoin his squadron, Ted left his new comrades to hike through the fields and forests of the most heavily occupied areas of northern France toward the Channel coast, and the advancing Allied liberation armies. Captured by the Wehrmacht, however, interrogated as a spy, and interned in a POW camp, the author made a daring escape just before his deportation to Germany. Nothing diminished Ted's talent for spotting the ironic humor in even the most aggravating or dangerous situations, nor his penchant for extracting his own improvised and sometimes hilarious version of justice. The author recorded his swashbuckling adventures at age 24, after his discharge and return to the States. Afterward he went into business and never again put pen to paper. But his immediate reminiscence of his wartime experience reveal a literary talent that is rare. At once a suspenseful page-turner and an outrageously witty tale of daring and friendship, this book brings to life the daily intrigues of the combatants of World War II.


...a fascinating story to read.
Military Model Scene

[Fahrenwald] provides an excellent first-hand account of his time escaping and invading capture. Historians will find Fahrenwald's account useful as a primary source.
From Balloons to Drones

US equivalent of Douglas Bader - Boys' Own Paper thrills in this superb account of the wartime exploits of Ted Fahrenwald…
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