Be Your Own Sailing Coach

20 Goals for Racing Success

Jon Emmett

Publication date:
March 2008
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
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If you want to win races you need to get organised! This unique guide shows you how to set your overall sailing goals, and breaks them down into manageable – yet stretching – mini-goals.
Jon Emmett breaks racing down into 20 key skills (such as speed to windward and tactics) and, with detailed analysis of key techniques, uses a step-by-step guide to explain how to highlight your own strengths and weaknesses, and how you can improve each skill.
This book will help you get to the front of the fleet, whether your goal is to win at club, open, national or international level. You will get tips from Olympic racers, and learn their approaches to each key skill; improve you sailing technique in manageable stages; and discover how to set goals and create the action plans to achieve them.
Along the way you will find advice from Olympic sailors and exercises to turn you into a winner, with contributions from Paul Goodison, Simon Hiscocks and Joe Glanfield.