Be Your Own Tactics Coach

Improve Your Technique on the Water & Sail to Win

Jon Emmett

Publication date:
August 2011
Publisher :
Fernhurst Books
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Boatspeed is not enough – a good understanding of tactics is crucial if you want to win races. This book is a comprehensive programme to make you a tactical genius on the water.
Individual chapters take you around the racecourse, from before you get on the water, through the pre-start, start, and various legs. Each section contains detailed advice for the beginner, intermediate and advanced sailor. Ideal for dinghy sailors, there is also a wealth of advice that will benefit yachtsmen.
More than a hundred diagrams allow lessons to be learned at a glance and make this a useful aide-memoire as well as a tactical textbook.
This is a practical way to improve your racing results, whether starting out, moving up the club circuit or competing at national level and beyond.