Beachhead Assault

The Story of the Royal Naval Commandos in World War II

David Lee

Publication date:
February 2017
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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The Royal Naval Commandos had one of the most dangerous and important tasks of any unit in World War II – they were first onto the invasion beaches and they were the last to leave.

The Commandos remarkable story – from their early formation and their training to the invasions they spearheaded – is told through a series of brilliantly linked anecdotes. Each tale is one of extraordinary courage and should ensure the legacy of the Commandos is not forgotten.

Beachhead Assault includes a Foreword by Man and Boy author Tony Parsons, whose father was a Royal Naval Commando who fought at Elba. It also contains a preface by Ken Oakley, Chairman of the Royal Naval Commando Association.