Kevin Curran

Beatsploitation is a bitingly relevant and provocative examination of suburban Dublin life, exposing themes such as state-sanctioned racism, economic failure and skewered education systems alongside universal themes of love, loss and regret.
Publication date:
March 2014
Publisher :
Liberties Press
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ISBN : 9781907593741

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One good track could change everything. Just one good track and Rob Lynch can finally quit his suburban teaching job and get his band, the Terrors, once Dublin's next big thing, the fame and recognition they dream of. But it's not happening - they need a new sound.


When Rob discovers the unique gifts of one of his students, John ‘Kembo' Pereira, a troubled African teenager with a particular talent for creating beats, he sees an opportunity that might just keep his musical ambitions alive. As Rob and John's relationship develops, however, a series of disturbing events unfold that will rock both their lives to the core. And when the Terrors start to crumble, Rob finds out just how far he is willing to go, and what he is willing to lose, in order to keep his dream alive.


Powerfully capturing the energy, wit and pathos of a changed Dublin society, Beatsploitation gives voice to a cynical, disillusioned generation, caught between the tired values of the old and the uncertainty of the new. An assured, arresting debut by a commanding new talent. It is an innovative and original work of debut fiction and deals with international themes such as racism, economic failure, love, loss, and regret, while highlighting a different side of modern Ireland.