Between a Rock and a Hard Place

A Dutch Policeman Fighting the Nazi Occupation

Johanna Van Zanten

Set in the Netherlands during WWII, this novel follows the struggles of an informer for the Dutch resistance.
Publication date:
December 2021
Publisher :
Addison & Highsmith
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ISBN : 9781592111022

Dimensions : 156 X 234 mm
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Between a Rock and a Hard Place is set in The Netherlands during World War II. Jacob van Noorden is a military policeman with a wife and two children, and a third on the way, just assigned his first job as chief of a crew in a rural town, close to the German border. When the German army invades and moves through his town, Jacob and his crew have no defense. They can only watch the tanks rumble by without stopping.

As the Queen and cabinet escaped to Britain, their last direction is for all public servants to stay at their posts, as long as it serves the Dutch nation, and the occupier follows international laws. After a pro-German who slavishly follows all idiotic Nazi laws replaces Jacob's boss, all moral guidance must come from Jacob himself. As the Nazis open a prison camp in Jacob's jurisdiction but hire Dutchmen to run it, the ordeal begins.

Jacob's wife, Margaret, is German-born. His mother-in-law is an outspoken admirer of Hitler. Soon he learns that his wife's twin brother has joined the Dutch Nazi Party. Stuck with his family of mixed German-Dutch heritage, he joins the resistance as an informer. Jacob is forced to deal with the increasingly disastrous events of the Nazi regime's occupation. He learns that in the end that every action he takes, no matter how well-intentioned, has enormous, long-lasting consequences to those around him.