Bismarck's First War

The Campaign of Schleswig and Jutland 1864

Michael Embree

Publication date:
June 2006
Publisher :
Helion and Company
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ISBN : 9781906033033

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This book chronicles the final conflict over the now almost forgotten "Schleswig-Holstein Question", once a pivotal issue for the great powers of Europe. The campaign of Schleswig and Jutland was also the first of Otto von Bismarck's Wars of German Unification, which together created a united German Empire under Prussian leadership.

The detailed story of this, the last of the "Cabinet Wars", is told here for the first time in English, compiled from numerous published and unpublished sources, including many contemporary and first hand accounts, as well as official reports. This is an invaluable resource for any student of the mid 19th Century.

Key topics include: the historical background to the conflict, the political crisis of 1863, the intervention of the "German Parliament" and the build-up to war Full descriptions are provided of all military and naval forces involved.

The book includes comprehensive orders of battle for the various stages of the war, informative maps, many adapted from early sources, numerous illustrations and photographs .