Countdown to D-Day: Stegmann

With just two days remaining until D-Day, Peter Margaritis writes about Generalleutnant Rudolf Stegmann, an officer who battled the US 9th Division with an understrength force on the Cotentin Peninsula.  Rudolf Stegmann was born August 6, 1894,[…]

Countdown to D-Day: Reichert

With one week to go before June 6th, Peter Margaritis presents a short biography of Josef Reichert, a officer who witnessed first hand the Allied paratrooper landings of Operation Neptune. Josef Reichert, a decorated veteran of[…]

Countdown to D-Day: Meise

In the tenth Countdown to D-Day officer bio, Peter Margaritis presents a brief look at Generalmajor Wilhelm Meise, the chief engineer for the Atlantic Wall under Rommel. Wilhelm Meise was born in Munich on August 16, 1891.[…]

Countdown to D-Day: von Lüttwitz

In the ninth Countdown to D-Day officer bio, Peter Margaritis presents Heinrich von Lüttwitz, an aristocratic officer who played a pivotal role in the Battle of the Bulge. Diepold Georg Heinrich Freiherr von Lüttwitz, born December 6, 1896,[…]