Bomber Pilot

Bomber Command Pilot Leonard Cheshire’s Classic Second World War Memoir

Leonard Cheshire, Robert Owen

RAF pilot Leonard Cheshire's classic Second World War memoir of his first three years serving with Bomber Command.
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May 2019
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Fighting High Publishing
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ISBN : 9781999812867

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Leonard Cheshire was one of the most highly decorated pilots of the Second World War. As the Royal Air Force's youngest Group Captain in 1943, he took a drop in rank and went on to command No. 617 Squadron and pioneer low level marking and precision bombing. For this, together with four years of fighting against the bitterest opposition during which he maintained a record of outstanding personal achievement, he was awarded the Victoria Cross. In 1945 he was an official observer of the dropping of the second atomic bomb on Nagasaki. Post-war his humanitarian work on behalf of the disabled resulted in the establishment of the Leonard Cheshire Foundation (now known as Leonard Cheshire), the world's leading disability care charity.

First published in 1943, Bomber Pilot is Leonard Cheshire's contemporary account of his experiences during his first three years with Bomber Command. His light style captures both the exuberance of youth, yet also brings out the growing realisation of the responsibilities and dangers facing the young aircrew of Bomber Command. He describes his experience of operating Whitleys with No. 102 Squadron, first as a novice co-pilot and later as captain with his own crew, providing a vivid description of the action for which he was awarded his first DSO. Following a brief interlude in North America he returned to join No. 35 Squadron as it introduced the Halifax into service before moving on to command No 76 Squadron.

In this new edition, Leonard Cheshire's original text is supplemented with an additional commentary by Dr Robert Owen, aviation historian and Official Historian of No. 617 Squadron Association. Providing additional details of the events described by Cheshire, this commentary places them in the broader context of the Bomber Offensive and includes a full record of Leonard Cheshire's operations and wartime awards.