Bringing Up Responsible Children

John Sharry

Publication date:
December 1999
Publisher :
Veritas Books
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ISBN : 9781853904141

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Catching children being good is essentially about switching your focus to giving attention to what you want rather than what you don't want.' Often being loving and being responsible as a parent seem to be in contradiction. How can parents maintain a good and loving relationship with their children while also teaching what is right and wrong and helping them learn good social behaviour? In this booklet, John Sharry attempts to provide an answer to this question, by setting out a step-by-step guide for parents who want to positively encourage their children to behave well and to achieve their full potential. The goal is to help parents find new ways of responding to their children which are more positive and which in turn help children to change positively. Bringing Up Responsible Children is the seventh in the Will our Children be Okay? series. The series is designed as a resource for parents dealing with the difficulties and joys of bringing up a family in a Christian context.