British Warship Recognition: The Perkins Identification Albums

Volume II: Armoured Ships 1860-1895, Monitors and Aviation Ships

Richard Perkins

Publication date:
September 2016
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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The Richard Perkins warship identification albums form one of the most detailed studies ever undertaken of the changes to the appearance of Royal Navy ships. However, it is a unique hand-drawn manuscript artifact in the care of the National Maritime Museum, so despite its value it is rarely seen by anyone besides the museums curators, for whom it is a precious resource, used on an almost daily basis. In collaboration with the Museum, Seaforth is undertaking the first publication of this monumental work in a superbly produced multi-volume edition that captures all the qualities of the original. Every page is reproduced at full size, making the extensive handwritten annotation readable, while the fine-line drawings retain all the colours that Perkins used to denote appearance differences and alterations. Following the Museums binding arrangement, this second volume of the series covers armored ships from Warrior to the Royal Sovereigns (all later capital ships from the Majestic class onwards can be found in Volume I), as well as monitors and seaplane and aircraft carriers. This is a publishing event of the utmost importance for every enthusiast and ship modeler, who for the first time will be able to own a copy of a unique and invaluable reference work.