Camp Borden

A Century of Service

William March, Terry Higgins

This book is a profusely illustrated overview of the activities of Camp Borden (later RCAF Station Borden and Canadian Forces Base Borden), Canada's oldest military base still in operation. Air and Land Forces, as well as "Purple Trades" activities are all covered in equal measure.
Publication date:
March 2017
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316 colour and b/w illus.
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ISBN : 9780978069629

Dimensions : 279 X 203 mm
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Camp Borden: A Century of Service is an overview of the history of this iconic institution. Over ten decades Borden has been a temporary posting, as either instructor or trainee, for countless thousands of military men and women who have served Canada in peace and war. For generations it has been a home to military families. And for a century it has been a part of the local community fabric of Ontario. This book, in a small way, pays tribute to Camp Borden as a unique part of Canada's history and heritage. It is not the complete story of Camp Borden, but hopefully it will inspire the reader to dig deeper into the layered history of a Canadian military treasure. Profusely illustrated with a good number of photos published here for the first time.

For one hundred years Camp Borden has been part of the Canadian military landscape. During that time it has become an integral part of the history of the country, the province and the local counties. Thousands of men and women who have passed through Borden's gates have gone on to the serve the nation in peace and war leaving their mark on the Camp in countless ways. Families have called it home, even if for the short period of time that makes up a military posting, creating stories and memories of their own. Units have come and gone; some with the startling rapidity that is a hallmark of military life, while others have resided at Borden for decades and each has a rich history of its own. To put it simple, the history of Camp Borden is too large a tale to be captured in a book of this size.

So the reader should consider this but a taste of the sumptuous banquet that is Borden's story. Commissioned by Lieutenant-Colonel Stuart Beaton (Retired), the Director of the Base Borden Military Museum, this book commemorates one hundred years of a very unique institution, but it does not tell the complete tale. There is much more work to be done. And an excellent starting place would be a visit to the Military Museum, and its Air Force Annex, where one will discover elements of Camp Borden's history that could not be covered in so slim a publication. Reaching out and touching one of the armoured vehicles in the Major-General Worthington Memorial Tank Park, or visiting the restored First World War training trench, will give the visitor a concrete link to the words in this book.

Wrinkles and all, Camp Borden is still going strong and will "soldier on” for many years to come. The landscape may change, buildings will come and go, and its role will adapt to changing times, but the men and women who are the heart and soul of Borden will see to it that the camp continues to serve Canada with honour. The stories that will fill the next chapter of Borden's history are even now being written. Enjoy the read.