Cannon Played From The Great Fort

Sieges in the Severn Valley during the English Civil War 1642-1646

Richard Israel

This book examines through historical and archaeological research the sieges of Bristol, Gloucester, Worcester, Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury during the First Civil War (1642-1646).
Publication date:
February 2021
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Series :
Century of the Soldier
Illustration :
7 b/w maps, 3 colour maps, 5 b/w ills, 6 colour photos, 6 tables
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ISBN : 9781913336509

Dimensions : 248 X 180 mm
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• Combines the historical and archaeological records to re-examine siege warfare during the English Civil War
• Illustrates how important the towns of the ‘Severn Valley' were during the English Civil War
• Compares and contrasts the Royalist and Parliamentarian siege techniques
• Demonstrates the evolution of siege warfare since the classical and medieval eras

The battlefields of Edgehill, Newbury and Marston Moor are superlatives with the middle of the 17th-century conflict known as the English Civil War, and whilst their importance to the conflict is undeniable, they detract from the power struggle that occurred between the Royalists and Parliamentarians in the towns and cities throughout the land. This power struggle culminated in the construction of siege batteries and fortifications. Focusing on the Severn Valley region of England, this book examines, through archaeological, topographic, cartographic and historical research, the sieges of Bristol, Gloucester, Worcester, Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury, demonstrating how siege techniques and this style of warfare impacted on the outcome of the conflict that set brother against brother and father against son.