Chars D2 Au Combat

Les Elephants de Guerre du Colonel De Gulle

Stéphane Bonnaud

Publication date:
December 2015
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
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400+ illus.
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ISBN : 9782352504450

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In 1937, Colonel de Gaulle moved from theory to practice. The author in 1934 of a true manifesto in favour of the armoured corps will lead for two years a regiment of combat tanks in Metz, the 507th RCC. There, with powerful D 2 tanks of 20 tons, he creates a unit that he subjected to the most severe discipline and training, making of it a remarkable fighting resource for which "everything is possible". In the occurrence of the war, Charles de Gaulle is promoted to a higher command, the 5th Army.

But when commencing the battle on May 15, 1940, the first tanks to join his 4th armoured division, are, again, the D 2. These tanks, armed with powerful 47 canons, will be engaged in offensive expeditions in Montcornet, Crécy, Somme and Amiens, before participating in the latest fighting in the battle of France.