Children and War Past and Present Volume 2

Publication date:
January 2017
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Editor :
Grazia Prontera, Wolfgang Aschauer, John Buckley, Helga Embachler, Albert Albert
Illustration :
28 b/w ills, 2 tables
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ISBN : 9781911096917

Dimensions : 234 X 156 mm
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• This publication examines children in war from the Holocaust to use of boy soldiers in modern Africa

The amount of international research on ‘Children and War' carried out by academics, governments and non-governmental organisations has continually increased in recent years. At the same time there has been growing public interest in how children experience military conflicts and how their lives have been affected by war and its aftermath. In light of the many brutal post-colonialist civil wars or ‘new wars', especially in Africa and Asia, child soldiers have in particular gained increased attention. Simultaneously, since the 1990s, the history of the Holocaust and World War II has also increasingly been written from the perspective of children; those who speak out now and publish their memoirs experienced the Holocaust as children. A similar generational change has also taken place in the societies of the perpetrators: Germans and Austrians who experienced the war as children took over the role of war witnesses from the soldiers of the German Wehrmacht. Moreover, intensified focus on children's experiences and their strategies for dealing with what they went through is evident in Eastern Europe as well. In Children and War: Past and Present Volume II scholars from different academic disciplines, practitioners in the field, and representatives of government and non-governmental institutions present a further selection of studies in this sensitive subject from different angles and in various methodological ways. A number of studies investigate the difficult areas of recovery and reintegration both of child soldiers specifically, and children affected by armed conflict. Further sections examine Victims and Witnesses, Public Discourse and Education and World War II and the Second Generation.