ses camions ans ses cars 1929-1974

Wouter Jansen

The development of Citroen as a producer of heavy-goods vehicles from 1929 to 1974.
Publication date:
February 2019
Publisher :
Histoire et Collections
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ISBN : 9782352504405

Dimensions : 310 X 230 mm


In 1919, André Citroën launches his first car 10 HP in various versions in a utilitarian light. Shortly after follow the deriving models that inspire other variants like the autochenilles, the small autocar, and a wine-making tractor. We will have to wait ten years before the arrival of a true "heavy goods vehicle” although this name may seem optimistic for a truck with a capacity of 1.5 tons. With the C6 and the models that follow, Citroën will forge itself a reputation of robustness. Camions, autocars or buses, whether they be "factory” versions or carriages or the 4x4 of specialised enterprises, in France and abroad, this work is about the creation of the brand with the double chevron pattern, from its relatively modest debuts up to the latest models of the the sixties constructed in collaboration with Berliet. Thanks to its rich range of pictures (600 mostly unedited shots and illustrations), this book recreates the atmosphere of the time, of the highways and of France at that time. But the writer will uncover the prototypes and Citroen projects that were never brought to life.