Classical Ballet - vol.1

A Complete Manual of the Cecchetti Method

Grazioso Cecchetti

A complete ballet course based on the most celebrated and widely used classical dance method in the world (by the great Italian master Enrico Cecchetti). Written by his son and pupil, this guide is the only direct, true testimony of Cecchetti's aesthetic and scientific teaching principles. This first volume includes books 1, 2 and 3 of the course
Publication date:
October 2022
Publisher :
Gremese International
Editor :
Flavia Pappacena
Illustration :
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ISBN : 9788873017943

Dimensions : 198 X 124 mm


• A classic ballet guide based on the aesthetic and scientific teaching principles of the Cecchetti method, the most celebrated and worldwide used

The sensational discovery of this work by Grazioso Cecchetti, son of the great Italian ballet master Enrico (1850-1928), represents the only direct testimony of the famous Cecchetti method of classical ballet (the Italian School), until now passed down exclusively through the writings of his followers and students. Over 700 original sketches and drawings by the author himself, included in this work, make it a truly complete handbook on the most celebrated and widely used classical dance method in the anglo-saxon world. The work is divided into two volumes, as was the original.

This first volume explores theory of the positions, barrre exercises, porte de bras, exercises in the center, poses, adagio movements and adagi.