The History of a British Way of Life

Simon Webb

Publication date:
October 2016
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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Before the Industrial Revolution, everyone lived within short walking distance of their workplace. However, all of this has now changed and many people commute large distances to work, often taking around one hour in each direction. We are now used to being stuck in traffic, crammed onto a train, rushing for connecting trains and searching for parking spaces close to the station or our workplace.
Commuters explores both the history and present practice of commuting; examining how it has shaped our cities and given rise to buses, underground trains and  suburban railways. Drawing upon both primary sources and modern research, Commuters tells the story of a way of life followed by millions of British workers. With sections on topics such as fictional commuters and the psychology of commuting; this is a book for everybody who has ever had to face that gruelling struggle to get to the office in time.