Confounding the Reich

Confounding the Reich

The RAF’s Secret War of Electronic Countermeasures in WWII

Martin W. Bowman

Publication date:
February 2005
Publisher :
Pen and Sword
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On 23 November 1943, 100 (Bomber Support) Group of RAF Bomber Command was formed. The object was to consolidate the various squadrons and units that had been fighting a secret war of electronics and radar countermeasures, attempting to reduce the losses of the heavy bombers - and their hard pressed crews - in Bomber Command. This secret war involved the use of air and ground radar’s, homing and jamming equipment, special radio and navigational aids, and intruding night-fighters to seek out and destroy their opposite numbers, the Ju 88s and Bf 110s of the Nachtjägdgeschwader who defended the night skies of the Third Reich with ever increasing success.

The book contains many first-hand accounts from pilots and crew and provides a fascinating record of 100 Group's wartime history.