Martin Colognoli, Charlie Veron, Denis Allemand

Through his powerful and spectacular photographs, Martin Colognoli's first book lies somewhere between documentary and art.
Publication date:
September 2022
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ISBN : 9782490952328

Dimensions : 327 X 245 mm


• Preservation of Coral is one of the main challenges of the coming decades
• Two prestigious signatures wrote the introductory texts of the book, these two authors, internationally recognized as coral specialists, bring an undeniable guarantee to this photographic work between art and reportage
• It is a book for the whole family, the best tool to raise awareness of the beauty of coral to better preserve it, to educate new generations This is the first book of Martin Colognoli as a photographer, it announces a very promising future
• The book is a large format that gives 130 photographs a sumptuous high quality printing case

A beautiful photobook that embodies and supports the inextricable link between an Indonesian fishing village and the coral reef on which its survival depends.

A photographic history in 130 photographs and four chapters like a relational sequence that plays out (and knots) infinitively.

The book is presented in four stages: the coral, the human, the link and the actions of protection, like a chronological, didactic and circular journey, a relational sequence that plays out ad infinitum. Each one introduces a text and sometimes opens on a questioning. No legend here, only the humble testimony of the photographer, sharing the daily life of a community of former nomads, without water or roads, and on their dependence on this hybrid character, an animal living with a plant, which is coral. A total of 130 color and black& white images
face=Calibri>- a bias that exploits the full range of photographic renderings
face=Calibri>- constituting this advocacy carried out over six years of work and reporting. Martin thus mixes simple and shimmering scenes from the daily life of fishermen, catching their smile, capturing their gaze, with monochrome shots of materials, reliefs and textures like an x-ray vision of the coral animal.