Countdown to D-Day

The German Perspective

Peter Margaritis

An accurate, exciting diary-like chronicle of the day-to-day machinations of the German generals as they struggle to prepare to meet the enemy in the West.
Publication date:
May 2019
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
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13 maps and a 16-page colour plate section
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ISBN : 9781612007694

Dimensions : 228 X 152 mm
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• Full account covering the daily activities and machinations of the German command in France in the months running up to D-Day
• Readable and accessible but fully based on archival material
From Rommel's inspection of the Atlantic Wall in December 1943, through the German struggle to build up their forces and build beach defenses, to the beginning of the Allied invasion

In December 1943, among rising realisation that the Allies are planning to invade, Field Marshal Rommel was assigned the title of General Inspector for the Atlantic Wall. His mission was to assess their readiness - what he finds disgusts him. The famed Atlantic Wall, the first defence against invasion, is nothing more than a paper tiger, woefully unprepared for the forces being massed across the English Channel. His task to turn back the Allied assault already seems hopeless.

Alongside Rommel are a set of elite commanders, each driven by their own ambitions, ideas and armies. At the frontline sits Erich Marcks, the wounded General tasked with the mighty burden of building up the coastal defences, all with inadequate supplies and a shortage of men. He is flanked by Hans von Salmuth, a relative novice but a favourite of the Führer, who has been assigned the lofty duty of defending Calais; the place Command believes will be the focal point of the Allied Invasion. At the rear, General Major Bayerlien is preparing the elite panzer divisions for what may lie ahead, while General Major Pemsel is struggling to coordinate efforts to prepare the Seventh Army, believing that should an invasion come, he will be the hub of the German response.

All of these local commanders are subject to the whims of Hitler, hundreds of miles away but continually issuing orders increasingly divorced from the reality of the war. Countdown to D-Day takes a journal approach, tracing the daily activities and machinations of the OKH as they try to prepare for the Allied invasion.


This is an interesting read on an interesting subject: the anecdotes of food preferences, and other personal and professional insights, bring the commanders to life in a way that standard documentary styles do not usually achieve.
Miniature Wargames

Well researched, this book does provide fascinating insights into the tense and complex relationships between the German High Command.
Military Historical Society Bulletin

'With vast depth, this is a very impressive look at what happened in the run up to

D-Day, from the German side.'

The Armourer

Essential to a library on the subject…