Courage to Change

The Counselling Process

Ursula O'Farrell

Publication date:
December 1999
Publisher :
Veritas Books
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ISBN : 9781853904394

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Counseling demands courage of both the counselor and the client. The client is asked to share his or her secrets and dreams, to embark on change -- of self, of attitude, of response. The counselor is challenged to sit with chaos and pain, to accept uncertainty and to create safety and acceptance for a stranger. This book looks at both sides of the counseling process, at the unfolding work of the client, and at the efforts of the counselor to prepare him or herself to respond effectively. Where their two worlds meet, the counseling relationship begins, and the outcome depends on the quality of this relationship. This book describes some of the aims of counseling, as well as different ways of facilitating the relationship. Also included are client profiles at different stages in the work.