D-Days In The Pacific

The US Coast Guard in World War II

Ken Wiley

The images of soldiers and marines coming ashore on hostile beaches are embedded in our collective memory of World War II.
Publication date:
February 2010
Publisher :
Casemate Publishers
Illustration :
16 pages of b/w photographs
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ISBN : 9781935149217

Dimensions : 240 X 159 mm
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• The memoir of a coast guardsman on an attack-transport ship Details the crucial campaigns of the Marshall Islands and OkinawaExplains how amphibious operations were undertaken in the Pacific WarPublished to coincide with new HBO Spielberg/Hanks series

The images of soldiers and marines coming ashore on hostile beaches are embedded in our collective memory of World War II. But what of the sailors who manned the landing craft, going back and forth under fire with nowhere to take cover?

In this book, Ken Wiley, a coast guardsman on an attack-transport ship in the Pacific, relates the extraordinary story of how the United States projected its power across 6,000 miles of ocean, despite fierce Japanese resistance. The author describes each invasion, detailing a swirl of moving parts, from frogmen to fire support, transport mother ships to attack-transports, the smaller Higgins boats (LCVPs) and, during the last terrifying stage, the courageous men who stormed the beaches.

The author participated in the campaigns for the Marshall Islands, the Marianas, the Philippines and Okinawa, and, with a precise eye for detail, he relates numerous aspects of landing-craft operations, such as ferrying wounded, that are often discounted. He conveys the terror and horror of war, without neglecting the humour and cameraderie of wartime life.

D-Days in the Pacific is an exciting book, full of harrowing combat action, which also provides a valuable service in explaining exactly how World War II's massive amphibious operations were undertaken.


…well written and illustrated with photographs and excellent drawings of life aboard ship by one of the shipmates.
The Hook

Ken Wiley had a extraordinary war, playing a role I had never even considered, we're lucky that he remembers and has the ability and talent to describe those experiences in such an easy to read and entertaining manner. I really do want to read more.
Model Armour

What this book does better than most is personalize how the war is fought by teenagers with enormous responsibilities far beyond their years. Ken never glamorizes war or self aggrandizes despite a number of heroic actions in which he is personally involved…a great book…
Military Magazine

..novelistic in its form, which brings the reader close to the experiences of another band of brothers... and the powerful nature of the eyewitness story is added to by some extremely skilful pencil-sketch renditions of the events which the author covers.
Military Illustrated

The book is delightfully written, with an engaging mix of humour, modesty, information and character sketches.
Miniature Wargames

This is a well illustrated and detailed first-hand account of the amphibious war waged against fanatical Japanese opposition.

The author describes the dangers and fears, as well as the determination, fun and humour which saw him and his like through the conflicts in the Pacific.
Ships Monthly

... an engrossing account of the island-hopping Pacific War....there is plenty of humour along the way …