Danish Volunteers of the Waffen-SS

Freikorps Danmark 1941-43

Jens Pank Bjerregaard, Lars Larsen

Reproduces a huge number of previously unpublished photographs of Danish SS volunteers on the Eastern Front.
Publication date:
December 2017
Publisher :
Helion and Company
Illustration :
c 550 b/w photos, maps
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ISBN : 9781911512707

Dimensions : 305 X 222 mm
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• Contains a large number of photos from private collections, many of which have never been seen before

Danish Volunteers of the Waffen-SS tells the story of Freikorps Danmark in pictures from 1941-1943. Freikorps Danmark was established as a Danish corps to fight communism and, from its beginning, was controlled from Denmark, being placed under the control of the SS-Division Totenkopf and 1. SS-Brigade during its service on the Eastern Front. It was a relatively small formation, which almost entirely consisted of Danish volunteers; during their time on the Eastern Front, they suffered heavy casualties. In 1943, the High Command of the Waffen-SS decided to disband Freikorps Danmark and the personnel had to transfer to a new German division, which was directly controlled by the Waffen-SS. The source material for this book has been gathered from the photo collections of former members of the unit and includes a large number of previously unpublished images.


This huge illustrated book tells the story of Danish volunteers to the Waffen SS, and explodes [a myth] I had believed, that the Danes were our allies during WWII. Fantastic candid photographs that put wartime Danes in an altogether different light.
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