Darwin's Submarine I-124

The story of a covert Japanese squadron waging a secret underwater war against northern Australia

Tom Lewis

In January 1942 a Japanese squadron of minelaying submarines was sent to Northern Australia. This book tells the story of the I-124 which was sunk with all hands. The wreck has been the subject of much mythology and speculation ever since.
Publication date:
March 2010
Publisher :
Avonmore Books
Illustration :
fully illustrated; colour
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ISBN : 9780957735194

Dimensions : 250 X 176 mm


The first attacks on Australia by the Japanese were made by four submarines of the Sixth Submarine Squadron of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Together, these 80-man boats laid mines, and then waited in their killing zones for targets to torpedo.

On 20 January 1942, it all went horribly wrong. Sunk with all hands, the submarine I-124 remains outside Darwin today, testimony to bravery but also to folly.

Avonmore Books' new edition of a 1990s work features new and improved graphics; a host of photographs, and the complete story of the submarine action, and events through the decades beyond - for the sunken vessel did not lie easy. Code seekers; treasure hunters; and potential salvors eventually led to the formation of the Historic Shipwrecks Act.