Dear Young Friend

The Letters of American Presidents to Children

Stanley Weintraub, Rodelle Weintraub

Publication date:
February 2018
Publisher :
Stackpole Books
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ISBN : 9780811737449

Dimensions : 230 X 151 mm
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Just a few of the words of presidential wisdom found in Dear Young Friend:
"I rejoice that you have learnt to write,…for as this is done with a goosequill, you know the value of a goose.” -Thomas Jefferson, to his granddaughter, Cornelia Randolph
"As to the whiskers, having never worn any, do you not think people would call it a bit of silly affection if were to begin now?” -Abraham Lincoln to Grace Bedell
"If we are successful [in the election], it will not be handsome behavior for any of my family to exhibit exultation or talk boastingly, or be in vain about it.” -Rutherford B. Hayes, to his son "Ruddy”
"The other sixty cents are for my other six grandchildren. They are not born yet.” -Theodore Roosevelt, to Marjorie Sterrett, who was collecting dimes to fund a battleship
"The John Birchers are just Ku Klux without the nightshirts.” -Harry Truman to David S. McCracken
"If you really believe, you will see them. My [Irish] ‘little people' are very small, wear tall black stovepipe hats, green