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AFV Modeller is the leading visual bi-monthly magazine for armoured vehicle modellers. AFV Modeller showcases the work of the very best modellers from around the world, shows techniques on how to achieve the best results and offers unique references. Progressing into book publishing, they produce high quality books both in terms of content and presentation, for modellers and related areas of Military History and equipment.

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  • Wingnut Wings

    • A highly-detailed, full-colour modelling guide to World War I aircraft, including dioramas and advice from leading experts

    World War I was the first war in which aircraft were deployed on a large scale. Observation balloons had already been employed in several wars, and Germany employed airship Zeppelins for reconnaissance over the North Sea and strategic bombing raids over England.
    Aeroplanes were also originally used mostly for reconnaissance. Pilots and engineers learned from their experiences and developed leading to the development of new designs such as fighters, bombe... Learn More

    Starting at: £19.50

  • Scrapyard Armour

    116 pages featuring 3 different model builds and 40 pages of walkaround images from the scrapyard Armour. Modelling Scenes from a Russian Armour Scrapyard by David Parker,Mark Neville, and Andy Taylor


    The detail is positively mind-boggling and really worthy of study if the subject is of passing interest or you are an aficionado of post-war Soviet armour.
    Scale Military Modelling International Magazine

    The book has a high quality feel to it, and the content is interesting, with lots of techniques and tips on display for you to... Learn More

    Starting at: £22.99

  • Air Modeller's Guide to Wingnut Wings Volume 2

    If you are a fan of WWI aircraft then this is a book for you. Showcasing a selection of builds of the stunningly high detailed kits available from New Zealand based brand Wingnut Wings. This publication is the second in a series of books showcasing a number of different kit builds that detail the methods and materials used to achieve the stunning models.


    I would recommend it to all aviation modelers. Hardly any modeling magazine or publication feature the same amount of attention to small details.

    This is a... Learn More

    Starting at: £25.00

  • Panther Project Vol 2

    The second part of the incredible restoration of the Wheatcroft collection Panther documented in great detail by the Research Squad featuring work to date including the rebuilding of the engine and turret. Full colour large format images also include technical drawings and pre-restoration including historical background of the subject vehicle.


    Anyone wishing to build a large scale model of the Panther that shows interior detail needs look no further than this series of books. This impressive volume offers the modeller and historian alike an unprecedented... Learn More

    Starting at: £33.00

  • Panther Project Volume 1

    This is the first in a planned series of 4-5 photo study volumes documenting the full restoration of a WW2 Panther tank at the Wheatcroft Collection. The Wheatcroft Collection is the second largest private Armour collection in the world. Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of both military and civilian subjects, it owns over 150 vehicles. The Research Squad are working with the collection to bring its work to a wider public audience through a variety of media and a dedicated website.

    The Panther Project is a planned series fully documenting the restoration to full... Learn More

    Starting at: £15.99

  • Panzerjager Elephant

    Master Modeller Liejon Schoot presents a visual guide to constructing a fully detailed replica of the complex interior of the famous Elephant Tank destroyer from scratch. He then goes on to modify the exterior to the same incredibly high standards as the 488 images clearly document along with unique reference images of the real vehicle. Learn More

    Starting at: £15.00

  • BMW R75

    • A unique step by step insight into the master-work of one of the World's most respected military modellers
    • Encompassing all elements and techniques of advanced scale military modelling

    International award-winning modeller, Robert Doepp, embarks on his most ambitious piece of military miniature art to date with the recreation of a WWII image in 1:9 capturing every minute detail showcased in this comprehensive study of his stunning work.

    Modellers of all abilities will learn from Robert's techniques for vehicle scratchbuilding, figure sculpting, paintin... Learn More

    Starting at: £18.00

  • David Parker's Crew School

    • Modellers of all abilities will learn from David's techniques for figure sculpting, painting with detailed step-by-step guides to apply the tips, tricks and methods for your own projects

    International award-winning modeller, David Parker, embarks on his most ambitious step by step guide to his tank crew figure. Advanced sculpting techniques and simple techniques for painting faces, so you can get the very best from your tank crew figures. Learn More

    Starting at: £18.00

  • M3 Lee Grant

    This volume is the most detailed study yet presented of the M3 Lee/Grant tanks, illustrating and describing the development, production and use of these iconic vehicles by US, Commonwealth and Russian forces during WWII. The tanks, their power plants and production techniques used by each manufacturer are shown from assembly line to front line through this profusely illustrated book, including numerous never before published vintage photos.

    Modellers of all abilities will learn from Robert's techniques for vehicle scratchbuilding, figure sculpting, painting and weathering... Learn More

    Starting at: £59.00

  • Superking

    • "With the inclusion of the archive material and surviving vehicles, this is a real ‘must' for the Panzer aficionado. Recommended." - Scale Military Modelling International Magazine
    • "It is a book to read, refer to, enjoy thoroughly and well worth the outlay for the serious Tiger modeller. You might even begin to wonder if it is a model or the real thing." - Classic Military Vehicle Magazine

    The step by step story of David Parker's remarkable award-winning 1:16 scale replica. This book from AFV Modeller brings together combines archive photographs with... Learn More

    Starting at: £55.00

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