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AFV Modeller is the leading visual bi-monthly magazine for armoured vehicle modellers. AFV Modeller showcases the work of the very best modellers from around the world, shows techniques on how to achieve the best results and offers unique references. Progressing into book publishing, they produce high quality books both in terms of content and presentation, for modellers and related areas of Military History and equipment.

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  • Scrapyard Armour

    116 pages featuring 3 different model builds and 40 pages of walkaround images from the scrapyard Armour. Modelling Scenes from a Russian Armour Scrapyard by David Parker,Mark Neville, and Andy Taylor


    All three models provide masses of inspiration, as do the 40+ pages of full-size reference photos in the middle of the book…provides a mouthwatering incentive to hit the workbench.
    Tamiya Model Magazine

    This book is a real "must have” for any model maker interested in modern era Russian armour...Well worth the cover price for... Learn More

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  • Air Modeller's Guide to Wingnut Wings Volume 2

    If you are a fan of WWI aircraft then this is a book for you. Showcasing a selection of builds of the stunningly high detailed kits available from New Zealand based brand Wingnut Wings. This publication is the second in a series of books showcasing a number of different kit builds that detail the methods and materials used to achieve the stunning models.


    A suitable accolade would be that, on viewing some of the 'whole aircraft' shots, you'll likely wonder if you're looking at a 1:32 model or the real aircraft.
    Aeroplane... Learn More

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  • Jagdtiger

    This step by step guide shows how to build, correct, detail and finish the impressive 1:16 Trumpeter Jagdtiger kit and also provides unique interior reference photos of one of the three remaining preserved vehicles.


    An excellent book for modellers of this huge Trumpeter kit, but even if you are not doing the big Trumpeter model, there are lots of helpful tips for modellers that are included in the book that can be applied to other subjects or the Jagdtiger in smaller scales.
    Military Model Scene Learn More

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  • Panther Project Vol 2

    The second part of the incredible restoration of the Wheatcroft collection Panther documented in great detail by the Research Squad featuring work to date including the rebuilding of the engine and turret. Full colour large format images also include technical drawings and pre-restoration including historical background of the subject vehicle.


    Anyone wishing to build a large scale model of the Panther that shows interior detail needs look no further than this series of books. This impressive volume offers the modeller and historian alike an unprecedented... Learn More

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  • The Philosophy of War Films

    Wars have played a momentous role in shaping the course of human history. The ever-present specter of conflict has made it an enduring topic of interest in popular culture, and many movies, from Hollywood blockbusters to independent films, have sought to show the complexities and horrors of war on-screen.

    In The Philosophy of War Films, David LaRocca compiles a series of essays by prominent scholars that examine the impact of representing war in film and the influence that cinematic images of battle have on human consciousness, belief, and action. The contributors explore a... Learn More

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  • Panther Project Volume 1

    This is the first in a planned series of 4-5 photo study volumes documenting the full restoration of a WW2 Panther tank at the Wheatcroft Collection. The Wheatcroft Collection is the second largest private Armour collection in the world. Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of both military and civilian subjects, it owns over 150 vehicles. The Research Squad are working with the collection to bring its work to a wider public audience through a variety of media and a dedicated website.

    The Panther Project is a planned series fully documenting the restoration to full... Learn More

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  • Panzerjager Elephant

    Master Modeller Liejon Schoot presents a visual guide to constructing a fully detailed replica of the complex interior of the famous Elephant Tank destroyer from scratch. He then goes on to modify the exterior to the same incredibly high standards as the 488 images clearly document along with unique reference images of the real vehicle. Learn More

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