Ian Callinan

Japanese War Crime Trials, Tokyo, 1946. General MacArthur is initiating his grand strategy for turning Japan into a democracy. The plot is compelling. Storylines at once personal and historical, militaristic and humane, cleverly interweave.
Publication date:
February 2020
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ISBN : 9781925984200

Dimensions : 229 X 152 mm
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• A novel with the trial of Japanese War Crimes as its centre poin
• A momentous setting with General MacArthur its American Caesar
• Historically informed, creatively interwoven and well-told storylines

War and its aftermath change the lives of everyone they touch. In 1946 the Japanese War Crime Trials begin in Tokyo, where General MacArthur is initiating his grand strategy for converting Japan to a democracy and a bastion against Asian communism. Bill Liston, an Australian law lecturer conscripted to assist in the prosecutions, is embroiled in the dubious legal manoeuverings and questionable summary justice. His fiancée Irene White remains in Brisbane. Both are brought into contact with survivors of the war years - an exotic Dutch commando, a martinet Land Army Officer, teenage prisoners of war rescued from the sinking of HMAS Perth, military and legal careerists, and shattered Japanese civilians. Amongst all of this, Bill and Irene struggle to resolve their relationship and their future.