Summoning Magna Carta

Freedom's Symbol Over a Millennium

Zachary Gorman

The Magna Carta and its influence on democracy revealed.
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April 2021
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ISBN : 9781922454010

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• Magna Carta and its influence on democracy revealed

The story of Magna Carta is the essential prologue to the story of Western democracy. It is a foundation stone in the political culture and legal system of Australia and other countries that share a common law heritage. This book combines a most readable general history of the influence of Magna Carta in the emergence of Western democracy since 1215 with beginning and concluding observations on the Great Charter's relevance to Australia, the European settlement of which began as that of a penal colony. Magna Carta was soon, however, to provide a sound basis for the ‘British right' to colonial self-government. This is the tale of the importance of history and culture in securing rights, and how the Great Charter is far more pivotal to our present freedom than a face-value reading of the document would allow.