18th Century Colour Palettes

Publication date:
April 2018
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Artists Bookworks
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Patricia Railing
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ISBN : 9780946311019

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• 18the century palettes used in France and England described by a pigment maker (Constant de Missoula), an artist's colourman (Jean Felix Watin) and a scientist (Robert Dossie).

Pigments described by the English chemist, Robert Dossie, the French artists' colourman, Jean Félix Watin, and the London-based pigment maker, Constant de Massoul. 18th century European painting saw the introduction of new pigments to the painters' palettes, from Prussian Blue to the early synthetics such as Patent Yellow. It was a century rich in pigments, the authors of the treatises listing over 150 pigments that could be bought in the shops in London and Paris.