Darwin's Submarine I-124

The story of a covert Japanese squadron waging a secret underwater war against northern Australia

Tom Lewis

In January 1942 a Japanese squadron of minelaying submarines was sent to Northern Australia. This book tells the story of the I-124 which was sunk with all hands. The wreck has been the subject of much mythology and speculation ever since.
Publication date:
March 2010
Publisher :
Avonmore Books
Illustration :
fully illustrated; colour
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ISBN : 9780957735194

Dimensions : 250 X 176 mm
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The first attacks on Australia by the Japanese were made by four submarines of the Sixth Submarine Squadron of the Imperial Japanese Navy. Together, these 80-man boats laid mines, and then waited in their killing zones for targets to torpedo.

On 20 January 1942, it all went horribly wrong. Sunk with all hands, the submarine I-124 remains outside Darwin today, testimony to bravery but also to folly.

Avonmore Books' new edition of a 1990s work features new and improved graphics; a host of photographs, and the complete story of the submarine action, and events through the decades beyond - for the sunken vessel did not lie easy. Code seekers; treasure hunters; and potential salvors eventually led to the formation of the Historic Shipwrecks Act.


Tom Lewis has gone to considerable lengths to provide accurate and illustrated details of the vessels involved and the professional and private lives of the officers commanding them.
Editor, RUSI Journal